Alexandra Tatis-Cummings CHAP, RYT, RMT

Alexandra is a Love Warrior, trained Healing Arts Practitioner and Founder of Refined Inner Being, LLC.

Alexandra intercedes on behalf of the human spirit to guide and train families, healers and healthcare professionals to align with their values and integrate holistic practices that aid in the healing and transformation of chronic pain and intergenerational trauma. 

Alexandra has devoted the last 7 years in creating courageous and scred spaces, retreats and workshops focus on Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Mindfulness and Trauma Recovery for the people of the global majority.

When partnering with individuals and communities, Alexandra integrates her lived experiences and holistic training such as Vinyasa, Restorative, Chair and Trauma Informed Yoga, SEL, Mindfulness, Energy Healing and Spoken Words. Alexandra is currently stuyding in body oriented coaching such as Fitness and Somatic.

Alexandra Tatis-Cummings is a Bronx, NY native who now resides in Central Florida with her Husband. Alexandra is a nature lover who spends her free time taking nourishing naps at the beach and exploring botanical gardens throughout the world with her husband and travel buddies.

Founder's Quest on Self-Love and Forgiveness