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Refined Inner Being, LLC

Long Distance Reiki Healing Session

Long Distance Reiki Healing Session

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What is Reiki ?

Reiki developed by Mikao Usui is an energy healing technique. This complementary therapy aims to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through the practitioner placement of hands slightly off of or lightly touching the body, a technique that is believed to improve the flow of life energy in the individual.

*Long distance Reiki is great for clients who are not comfortable with being touched or not in the same place at the same time. Practitioners, like myself, see long distance Reiki (remotely) as just as powerful*

Our 90-min session will be therapeutic and creative adding the elements of sounds, the chakra system, breathwork, meditation, and affirmations to aid the areas you are seeking relief and nourishment.

***After you make your purchase and receive a confirmation,  you will receive an e-mail to schedule your session(s) and further details on how to prepare for our time together. If you do not receive any of these e-mails within 24hrs of purchase send a quick email to and we will provide you with all of your confirmation details. Thank you!!!

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